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12U standings

12U schedule

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12U rules

Game Play

  1. Game Length: 6 Innings or 2 hour time limit or 1:45 if there is a field permit issue where another game is scheduled in next time slot.

  2. 4 innings constitute a game.

  3. Teams can field 10 players (4 outfielders)

  4. Teams need at least 7 players to start the game and may borrow outfielders if needed.

  5. Dropped 3rd strike rule in effect

  6. Infield fly rule in effect

  7. Speed up rule for the catcher or pitcher, the last batted out will run.

  8. Once a pitcher motions to pitch, all dugouts must be quite.

  9. A play at the base requires one of the following:
    a. To slide to the base.
    b. Elect not to slide but must avoid contact.
    c. Give yourself up or be called out.

  10. Max 5 Runs per inning


Last inning unlimited runs, inning must be declared as last inning by both managers if the last inning is going an inning other than the 6th.


Mercy Rule

12 Runs after 4 batted innings.

Batting Order

Universal Batting order applies, Players leaving the game due to injury or other reason the team will skip over the spot in the order without penalty.

  1. A team with twelve or fewer players, all players will be listed in the lineup

  2. A team with thirteen or more players, 12 Players can be in the lineup with extra players being used as subs, Reentry rule applies. Starting players once removed may return to the same spot in the lineup they occupied, the substitute once removed will remained removed.

Note: Players leaving the game due to injury or becomes ill or must leave the game after the start of the game, the team will skip over the spot in the order without penalty.



  1. Pitcher can pitch 3 innings per game, 1 pitch constitutes an inning.

  2. The pitching mound is 40 feet from the rear of home plate.

  3. A maximum of 3 hit batters per inning or 5 per game. The pitcher must be removed. In any case the batter must make and attempt to avoid the pitch.

Base Stealing

  1. No stealing home for the 5th run. Home must be earned either by a hit or walk.
    Leads/Steals on release from the pitcher, a runner may advance to the next base, if
    the runner leaves before the ball is released, the runner shall be called out and the play is dead and the pitch does not count.

  2. Runners must commit to either base when the ball enters the circle or they will be called out.



In the event of inclement weather, the home team Manager will decide and notify the opposing team Manager and the League to Cancel the umpire.


Game Cancellations

  1. At least 24 hours before game, and the league must be notified in order to cancel the umpire.

  2. Games being canceled on game days will result in a $60 Rescheduling fee or forfeit.

  3. Rescheduling games: Must be done between the two Managers, and the League must be notified.


All Scores should be emailed ASAP following the game to keep up with the standing.

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